Maciej Sudra
Profession: Graphic/New Media Designer
Citizenship: Swiss / Poland
Residency: Kenya / Boston
Education: BFA:Massachusetts College of Art, Ed.M:Harvard Graduate School of Education
Relevant Experience: Africa Goal Project Coordinator. With a background in graphic and new media design, Maciej will bring his experience into the operation of all technological aspects of the journey. He has also lived and worked in Africa for most of his life and has a good understanding of African culture and its dynamics.
Favourite Team: Switzerland

Anna Sudra
Profession: Artist/Illustrator
Citizenship: Swiss / Poland / USA
Residency: Kenya / USA
Education: Massachusetts College of Art
Relevant Experience: A Kenyan resident, Anna has travelled throughout Africa and will bring a good source of knowledge and awareness to the team. An accomplished illustrator who’s documentation of the journey will not only benefit her own personal goals but will also contribute to the documentation of this trip.
Favourite Team: Switzerland

Chris De Nogalez
Profession: Photographer/Film maker
Citizenship: Colombia
Residency: Kenya / Zimbabwe / USA
Education: New England School of Photography
Relevant Experience: A veritable man of the world, Christian takes considerable interest in cross-cultural issues and enjoys exploring these relationships in his photography and film-making.
Favourite Team: Ghana
Hannah Jones
Profession: Writer
Citizenship: UK / USA
Residency: Kenya / USA/ France
Education: Tufts University
Relevant Experience: Hannah is a very talented writer who is privileged enough to have experienced life in Kenya, France and the USA. She is committed to the documentation of the journey as a matter of self-exploration, awareness creation and sponsor promotion.
Favourite Team: England
Dominic Matthews
Profession: Eco-Tourism Coordinator
Citizenship: UK
Residency: UK/Kenya
Education: Bristol University
Relevant Experience: Dominic has traveled and worked throughout southern and eastern Africa, giving him a good knowledge of the Kiswahili language as well as an excellent ability in rural community work. His sensitivity to community structures and politics and his knowledge of bush skills and vehicle maintenance, will be of great use throughout the tour.
Favourite Team: England
Mary (Mouse) Leakey
Profession: Development Studies and Geography
Citizenship: Kenya
Residency: Kenya/UK
Education: School of Oriental and African Studies
Relevant Experience: Grew up in Kenya and regularly returns there. Speaks fluent Kiswahili and has extensive volunteer experience with private community development initiatives in the Nguruman Hills as well as in Kisima. Her knowledge of contemporary development issues will be essential to the success of the trip.
Favourite Team: Togo
Tiana Leakey
Profession: Artist/Illustrator
Citizenship: Kenya
Residency: Kenya/UK
Education: City and Guilds Art Foundation
Relevant Experience: Lives in Kenya and has spent most of her life there. Speaks good Kiswahili and is a talented photographer, artist and illustrator. Her artistic contributions will not only benefit her own personal goals but will also excite the documentation of this trip.
Favourite Team: Togo
Bjorn Everts
Profession: Psychologist
Citizenship: Australia/Netherland
Residency: Australia
Education: University of Adeleid
Relevant Experience: Bjorn grew up in Ghana and Kenya, and has travled widely within Africa. His expert knowledge of mechanics will undoubtedly prove priceless to the success of this trip. Bjorn is also a talented sculptor, his wood carvings are ehibited in galleries and private collections around Australia.
Favourite Team: Ghana
Ben Weigl
Profession: Tour Guide (Outbike)
Citizenship: Australia/Germany
Residency: Australia
Education: University of Adeleid
Relevant Experience: A true travel addict, Ben has travelled all around the world by car, bike, foot, you name it. Throughout his advetures he has gathered extensive experience in leadership, group safety, bush skills and vehicle maintenance. Ben currently works for Outbike, an australian travle company specializing in cross country bike excursions.
Favourite Team: Germany

Aimi Nicholson
Proffession: Gym / Aerobics & First Aid Instructor
Citizenship / Residency: UK
Education: NVQ 2 Excercise To Music, NVQ 2 Proffessional Gym Instructor Award
Relevant Experience: Aimi has worked for London Central YMCA for 7 years and volunteers for the Positive Health scheme. She possesses excellent ‘people skills’, team work and knowledge of physical and mental wellbeing. She is qualified in First Aid treatment and has unique experience of frontline work with people affected by HIV/AIDS as well as the contemporary methods employed by the Health Sector in symptom alleviation.
Favorite Team: England

Melissa Hutchinson
Proffession: Social Worker
Citizenship: USA
Residency: Kenya
Education: McGill
Relevant Experience: A World Traveller, Melissa has lived in Belgium, America, Kenya and India and has travelled widely aroundthe world. A winner of several community service awards Melissa brings vast experience. A spontaneous person, Melissa joined the team two days before kick-off.
Favorite Team: Spain