The Africa Goal Project would like to thank the following organizations and companies for their ongoing support.

Clinton Foundation:

The initial supporters of the proposal, the Tanzania office of the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) has provided the project with generous funding and strategic know-how. The CHAI TZ team will work closely with local NGO partners and the Africa G
oal Team to ensure that this tour leverages effective “Behavior Change Communication.”

The foundation's mission is to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. Together with the generosity of citizens and volunteers, President Clinton and the Foundation are vigorously working to advance those principles that move us beyond differences to a common future of shared responsibility, shared benefits, and shared values. The CHAI Initiative aims to assist countries in implementing integrated, awareness, care, treatment and prevention programs that will turn the tide on the epidemic.

Massachusetts College of Art:
The Godine Travel Scholarship was awarded to the participants of the Africa Goal Project. The college wide travel grant supports art and design related work and travel that promotes personal as well as societal development.

Tufts University:
The Tufts Active Citizenship Grant was awarded to the team following a university wide selection process. The scholarship is awarded yearly recognizing “a person or group who understands the obligation and undertakes the responsibility to improve community conditions, build healthier communities and address social problems.”

The Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Dissemination Service has supplied the Africa Goal Project with country specific AIDS/HIV educational materials, including print and video.

Established in 1994, SAfAIDS is a regional HIV/AIDS organization based Harare, Zimbabwe. Its goal is to disseminate HIV/AIDS information to promote, inform and support appropriate responses to the epidemic. The organizations strength have been built over 10 years of experience in the region working in collaboration with state and non-state actors in the region. SAfAIDS produces high quality print and electronic materials including translation of some of its publications into Portuguese and French.

Staying Alive (MTV):
MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation is supplying the project with targeted video footage. Staying Alive is an international campaign which provides information on HIV/AIDS prevention and protection, promotes safer lifestyle choices and encourages people to fight the stigma and discrimination which still surrounds the disease. It is a partnership between MTV Networks International, YouthNet spearheaded by Family Health International, the Kaiser Family Foundation, USAID, UNAIDS, UNFPA, The World Bank, DFID, SIDA and other organizations.

UN-AIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, has supplied the project with relevant materials, including videos that we plan on showing before the games. They have also been a great networking resource linking the Africa Goal Project with local NGO’s and AIDS workers within the respective countries.

Corporate Support

CMC Motors / Land Rover Kenya:

Recognizing the social impact of the project CMC Motors and Land Rover, Kenya have generously subsid
ized the Africa Goal project’s vehicle costs. CMC is one of Kenya’s largest and most respected automotive distributors....“The CMC Motors Group is committed to satisfying the needs of our customers by supplying the most suitable automotive products and services, with superior levels of after sales care to the East African Market”.

Namibian Resources Plc:
A special thanks goes to the mining company Namibian Resources who have given the project a generous donation towards fuel costs. An AIM listed company, Namibian Resources, has contracts to mine diamonds on behalf of NAMDEB (a namibian government and De Beers joint venture). Their concessions comprise the famous Sperrgebiet (restricted area) in the luderitz district of Namibia.

The ideas company, Dreamvex, a new media solutions group based in Boston, Massachusetts has been central in conceiving the proposal and implementing the technological side of the project. Maciej Sudra, Africa Goal Project Coordinator and lead designer at Dreamvex believes this project will be “an important experiment into alternative communication methods to deliver sensitive yet vital development material to target audiences.”

Wilken Telecomunications Kenya Limited:
Generously providing the team with a satellite phone, Wilken Telecomunications Kenya deserves a special thanks.
Wilken is one of the leading telecommunications solution providers in Eastern Africa with offices in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, providing quality products, distinctive service and leading technology.