Nine students with diverse backgrounds and lines of work driving two cars from Kenya across Southern Africa to the West Coast of Namibia and back again (Jun – Aug), projecting live football games on a retractable screen along the journey. Every evening throughout the duration of the tournament, with the help of Digital Satellite Television and a projector, we will be screening the 2006 World Cup games live at different points along our route down the southern half of the continent. Before every live game we shall screen AIDS & HIV awareness videos supplied by UN-AIDS and when possible, by local NGO’s dealing with the matter. Culturally sensitive, the videos shown will vary depending on the countries and expected viewers. While the educational videos will be watched by all the football fans, the people most interested in the game, adolescent males, also happen to be one of the most critical demographics in need of AIDS and HIV Education. While there is hardly a lack of organizations trying to create awareness about AIDS/HIV especially in Africa, people have become numb and unreceptive, the hype of the World Cup is a perfect “vehicle” of communication.

“Football is what we are serving and what will bring the people to the table, but with a starter of vital “life education” the dessert can only taste that much sweeter – regardless of the game’s final score. “