A major component of the Africa Goal project is the documentation of the campaign. Our team includes a graphic designer, an illustrator, a photographer, and a painter who all grew up in Africa. All are actively involved in their own field and will bring something unique to the trip’s documentation process. The team is travelling with different cameras and camcorders and will cover the journey and experience of each match day through still and moving images. We hope eventually to produce a compelling documentary, in the form of a video collage created by all the trip’s participants describing the campaign and what we learned from it.

Whenever possible we shall upload updated text and visuals onto our server, so please check back back often. Enjoy the World Cup!


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Media Coverage
We are very excited to share this experience with the people we will meet along the way as well as others who may be interested. Please also do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. We are interested in media coverage of the trip in order to generate interest and further awareness.