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Africa Goal’s objective is to offer free live matches, projected onto a large screen, to people who adore football. All over the continent, one sees children as well as adults playing the game. Sometimes the football is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of crumpled up plastic bags tied together with string. Local football games are always well attended and rivalry between local village teams is as heated as any team rivalry in Europe.

Teams from Europe’s big leagues have their supporters in Africa as they do all over the world. Walls in local bars, restaurants and village barbershops are adorned with newspaper clippings containing pictures of Beckham, Ronaldo and African greats such as George Weah and Roger Milla.

Even if their own country does not make it to the World Cup, the tournament is followed just as eagerly. Who can forget the celebrations all over the continent when Senegal beat the defending champions in the opening game of the 2002 World Cup? Or the equally heartfelt celebrations when Ghana progressed to the qualifying round ahead of the Czech Republic and USA during the 2006 World Cup? Many people who did not own a television or could not afford the entrance fee demanded by the “village cinemas” only heard about the results through radio or word of mouth, but this did not hamper any celebrations. In the part of the world with the least access to media coverage of the tournament, the enthusiasm and passion for the game is as strong as anywhere.

Child Playing Football
Children Playing a Roadside Football Game
Football Fans
South African Football Fans at the Stadium
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